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Press Release

Watertown, New York - Sunshine Dental, PC recently finished installing a state-of-the art 3-dimensional imaging system that effectively brings their dentistry services to another dimension. The new GALILEOS® 3D ConeBeam Imaging system (Sirona Dental Systems) is the only one of its kind in Northern New York, and only the second system in all of New York State. The complete integrated all-in-one system raises diagnostic assessment and documentation to the highest level in the area, with real-time 3D displays, more complete planning assistance, and the production of dental surgical guides.



Compared to 2-dimensional systems that have long been the industry standard, the GALILEOS® Imaging System gives the highest resolution quality with the lowest possible radiation dose among products available internationally. The image produced by the GALILEOS® system projects the entire craniofacial region. It allows for precise assessment of the teeth, bone structure and anatomical features in their exact spatial dimensions. One 14-second scan combines the data of 200 individual exposures allowing identification of any potential issues involving everything from the teeth and gums, to sinuses, airways and nerves. The advanced technology eliminates any guess work or unknown in the planning of highly involved specialty areas such as implants…Ultimately resulting in a safer, more effective end-result for the patient.  

With images taken from the GALILEOS®, Dr. Panjali, and other local physicians, will be able to plan procedures quickly and with improved certainty, providing clearer information about procedures to patients, and rely on a precise basis for consultation with colleagues. Since it is the only machine of its kind in the area this diagnostic service will be made available to other dentists, and medical specialists.  They can schedule a scan at the office, and a cd will be generated with the patient’s 3D files and the necessary software to view it in their office.

Areas of use for the 3D imaging include: post-surgical analysis, spatial orientation, Endodontics, pathological evaluation, periodontal disease, restorative dentistry, TMJ analysis. Sinus and airway evaluation, orthodontics, and oral and maxillofacial surgery.




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